Tips on Photographing the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015

It’s weeks like this that I feel especially blessed to be living in Washington. First and foremost, the Pope is visiting and will undoubtedly shower our city with MUCH-needed positive vibes. Secondly, the ULTIMATE super-blood moon is scheduled to illuminate our skyline.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of my preparatory research sites for photographing this celestial awesomeness.

  • Getting hooked up with the right telephoto and/or wide-angle lenses and equipment: Equipment guides : click here | more Ideas: click here

  • Renting said equipment: | (Don’t forget extra batteries...night photography burns through batteries quickly!!)

  • Researching moonrise schedules :

  • Location stakeout the day’s prior : Figuring out where the moon’s going to be rising-which buildings it will grace, any possible water reflections, etc.

  • Practice practice practice :
    -Using remote triggers / self-timer to reduce image shake
    -Remembering to shoot no slower than 1/125 (b/c technically the moon is cruising across the sky)
    -Bracketing the exposure to ensure the moon’s different depths are represented (as well as being able to properly expose the foreground).

    *post processing in Photoshop will be clutch (blog to follow)

  • Read as many tips as possible: click here | for more ideas: click here

Regardless of where you are this Sunday night, I hope you get a chance to enjoy this spectacle! Stay tuned for the post-processing blog post!