House along the Eastern Shore

I was recently given the opportunity to photograph a gorgeous vacation home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The manicured lawn, blooming rose gardens and sparkling water along the property edge left me pretty awestruck. The inside was even more inviting and looked like it was plucked straight out of a posh interior design magazine. I am ashamed to admit my thoughts upon entering were, “This will be so easy-all the hard work is already done. This place is perfect so all I have to worry about is lighting and angles.” False. So very, very false and I’m still going to be having nightmares for a while. (P.S.A. nice homes often have automatic sprinklers that love unleashing themselves onto lawn visitors and their cameras at sunrise. Aaand in case you forget, the neighboring guard dogs will kindly remind you.) The good news is that I made a TON of mistakes and as we all know, one must make mistakes to succeed. I have a long way to go, but am determined to have this house featured in one of those magazines by this time next year!