Whether you are a real estate out to quickly sell more homes, a home stager looking to attract brokers, a contractor seeking higher-paying clients or a builder/architect hoping to publish newly finished commercial spaces, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hiring a professional photographer. While it may be pricier than using your own camera, the long term payoff is certainly guaranteed. Here are six specific reasons why they are a worth-wile investment:

1) Lighting: They have been trained in lighting techniques to simultaneously balance the exposures of both interior and exterior spaces.

2) Photo editing: They have photo editing skills that can eliminate certain unsightly distractions, whether it be removing chipped paint, electrical wires, crooked outlets or garden hoses. 

3) Perspective correction: They are able to produce images with the correct perspective and leading lines, which is often very difficult to achieve. Incorrect angles can make or break an image. 

4) Staging: They have an attention to detail when it comes to staging props, de-cluttering rooms and interior design features.

5) Professional lenses: They use special lenses that can either make spaces appear larger or feature important details which represent the architect's style and creativity. Point and shoot cameras or iPads cannot achieve these effects.

6) High resolution images: They can deliver high resolution images that deliver acceptable digital formats for web and high quality print media (for magazine publishing, brochure creation or billboard advertisements).